All further activation will take place at the venue.

Inevents - Registration


Welcome to Caesar's Army Bacchanal Road 2019!

Activated wristbands allow staff to quickly and efficiently verify your identity and ensures a smooth entry process into the venue.

To activate follow the instructions below:
  • Locate your band ID # to the back of the wristband chip and enter in the space below
  • Click Next and enter the required information to complete the user profile

General Band Information:
  • Only activate the wristband you will be wearing
  • Wristbands can only be activated once
  • Each wristband requires a unique email address. You cannot activate multiple wristbands with one (1) email address
  • Name and email cannot be changed after you have activated a wristband
  • Do not subject your sensitive RFID wristband to the following: fire, cutting, excessive twisting, pulling, stretching or customisation
  • Wristbands are required at all times. You will be subject to ejection with no refund if you take off or tamper with it.
  • If you have any issues with the activation of the wristband please email