Empower your business with integrating the online and offline experiences

By creating exciting engagements connecting from the event or venue directly to social media, Wooz.in enables you to interact with your customers and measure engagement in both worlds. And it's easy to get customers on board – instead of writing on seemingly endless paper forms, sign-up is only one step away by connecting through Facebook or Twitter.


We provide a social media amplification layer for every event, by enabling a fun way for attendees to connect to their social media accounts. The platform enables gamification, apps, polls, check-ins, and many more possibilities be embedded to the event on both the online and offline worlds.

- easy, flexible setup for a wide range of venues, expected attendees and activities

- can adapt to event flow and creative needs

- measure returning attendees easily for long-term events


Get to know your customers better by engaging directly with their social media accounts, while giving better-targeted goodies along the way! Build a customer database, identify loyal customers, and acquire new ones through social media.

- simple registration: use social media accounts instead of long written forms

- provide Wooz.in-enabled member cards

- measure attendance and activity

- conduct simple CRM campaigns


Our platform is robust and flexible enough to accommodate various business scenarios outside of the core platform functions. The core platform itself is easily deployable around the world, and can be easily adapted to various business settings, for example:

  • Powering event organizers with social media amplification layer for their events.
  • Powering digital agencies with a tangible way to connect and verify customers to digital campaigns.
  • Retail and sales leads empowered by social intelligence.